How do you clean a camera lens?

How do you clean a camera lens?

First, buy a protective/ UV filter. This is a clear glass filter that screws onto the front of your lens. Keep this on ALL THE TIME. Don’t ever take it off. If you want different filters, attach them to the front of this filter. It won’t affect the pictures, and it will keep the front element of your lens safe and clean!

The B+W or Hoya filters in the $100 range are fine, however, there are better ones available.

To clean the glass surface:

1. With a brush designed for cleaning lenses, gently brush any loose dust from the lens/filter. Then follow up with a puff of canned air to remove the loose dust. If there are any fingerprints on the lens/filter, place a drop of lens cleaning fluid on lens tissue (do not put the fluid directly on the glass)

2. With the tissue crumpled up so there is no direct pressure from your finger on the glass, wipe the surface in a circular motion.

3. Next, swallow all your saliva and then gently breathe on the lens until it fogs up. If there are any remaining swirl marks on the lens, use a clean piece of dry lens tissue to remove them. Do this as many times as it takes to remove the remaining marks off the lens.

4. Using a lens hood on your lens will help keep things from touching your lens/filter.


~ by emmajohnson888 on November 18, 2008.

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