Choosing the Best Digital Camera

Nikon D60 - Nikons latest entry level Digital SLR

Nikon D60 - Nikon's latest entry level Digital SLR

You can understand why so many people are confused when they decide to buy their first digital camera, with so many variations, what do you look for? After spending sizable amount of time at the mall and online research we finally figuring out which is the best digital camera for us. Eventually saving enough money to buy that eye-popping, 10 megapixel, 10x optical zoom with up to a sixteen gigabyte expandable memory using super hi-speed SD memory card and of course, very compact; which we hope be the envy of almost everyone we know. It is only when you get to the mall and take a look in the camera shop that you realize that your choice is now on special offer because it has been replaced with a more feature packed model at a higher price.

We sigh because the manufacturer of this amazing gadget claims that this is the best digital camera yet out in the market. We should have known but because we must have the best digital camera then we will just have to swallow the extra cost. Don’t worry though if you are not sure what to do; just follow the guide below and you shouldn’t go to far wrong. The resolution is probably the most important feature to look at so go for a model with the highest megapixel resolution you can afford.

If you are looking to print your photos then the more pixels you have the greater the image definition will be. This increase in megapixels means that poster size pictures can be easily printed. Good quality models are now using large LCD screens around the 2. Making adjustments to the photo you have just taken is just one of the many functions now incorporated into good digital cameras helped by having a big LCD screen.

A quick tip on this subject involves the batteries which have a tendency to run out quicker if a large LCD screen is fitted and is used constantly; some sound advice is carry spares! Almost every digital camera has a digital zoom but it is the optical zoom that you need to try for if your budget will extend to it. Low spec cameras that only cost a fraction for their quality cousins will only have a digital zoom; unless you really aren’t at all fussy about your shots you would be well advised to stay clear of buying a digital zoom only camera. Your camera will normally come with a memory card albeit a small one so you will probably need to buy a large capacity card, so use the one you have to make sure you purchase the correct one.

Some of these memory cards may already be familiar to you: the XD, SD, Memory Stick and Compact Flash. Of course memory storage is also up there in choosing a camera and as the size of memory keeps improving the prices are steadily dropping. Whereas a few years ago a large storage card would be somewhere in the region of 128mb to 256mb, it is not uncommon to use cards with 4 gigabytes or more of storage now. Your life and interests should really be the ideal measuring stick for the type of digital camera you ultimately buy. Actually, the best camera is the one that you will enjoy and use for a long time without the need to upgrade constantly.


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