Advantages of Digital Photography

EOS 50d

In early days, photography only belonged to professionals. However, when roll film cameras and digital cameras
were invented, photography became widely available for public. In the
era of digital photography, the most inexperienced individuals can take
pictures easily. If you don’t like it, you can just delete the picture
without wasting any film.

Nowadays, digital cameras
are everywhere and digital photography becomes very popular, especially
when camera phones were introduced. It is unnecessary to bring rolls of
films anymore as a tiny memory stick is enough to hold hundreds of
pictures. Many other inconveniences are also eliminated by digital photography. Airbrushing used to be a painstaking process, but it became much easier when digital photography
came. After you master how to use photo editing software, it becomes
very easy to edit pictures and improve their quality. Photo storage and
sorting are very simple in the world of digital photography. Perhaps
you still remember how you need to spend days to glue and tape photos
into photo albums. Now, it is easy to sort and categorize photos into
separate files in the computer. On the contrary, a digital photography
album can be transferred to a compact disk and played in the DVD player
so the whole family members can see the photos together. Tips to enjoy
your digital camera

Some people are intimidated with technology including using a digital camera. They get used to the old film camera and feel that a digital camera
is too confusing. Surely there are differences in using film and
digital camera, but if you know how to handle a digital camera
properly, you will enjoy it. The following tips are useful to make you
have enjoyable experiences with your digital camera.

Read the manual before taking photos even if you have used other digital cameras
before. Extra memory cards and extra batteries will do the trick.
Lastly, you should take photos as much as possible to familiarize
yourself with a digital camera. After a short period of time, you will enjoy your digital camera and leave the old film camera behind.


~ by emmajohnson888 on October 28, 2008.

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